Exhibit Design

Port Discovery Children's Museum, 2013

While interning with the design department at Port Discovery Children’s Museum, I assisted in the concept development for an exhibit on agriculture in Maryland. The exhibit is meant to introduce an important element of Maryland's culture and economy in a fun and playful way.


Several aspects of agriculture are highlighted in the experience. The barn represents the history of agriculture. One side provides a reading area for toddlers while the other side hosts a building activity for children to make their own farm equipment. I used SketchUp and Photoshop to create the concept visualization.


Another activity in development was meant to communicate the importance of agricultural trade for the economy of the state. I worked on a prototype which would use pneumatic tubes and foam balls to represent the rapid movement of goods. I designed and painted the prototype graphics and assisted in its construction. Additionally I produced a concept sketch for the receptacles which would hold the balls in the final incarnation of the activity.