Set Decoration

BFA Production Design, 2015

This conceptual project was produced for a class in Set Decoration during my BFA studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The goal was to create a proposal for the set decoration of Midge’s apartment, the location of one of the first scenes in the Mad Men pilot.


To achieve a rich and authentic environment I did extensive research into Greenwich Village in the1960s, focusing particularly on beatniks and counterculture. 


Every design choice was dictated by Midge’s rebellious nature and fiercely independent personality. A deep understanding of the character was necessary. Each object was chosen to express Midge’s personality and create a contrast with the rest of the spaces Don inhabits in the episode.


The research was used to create a moodboard to establish the look and feel for the rest of the design. A quick model of the space was made in SketchUp, and then the elevations were finalized in Photoshop.